Do you feel discouraged when it comes to testing your Android Apps if the code has a server dependency?

Have you leveraged DI, Repository Pattern, MVI, MVP or MVVM pattern and using fakes or mocks to make your code highly testable but still feel something is incomplete?

Do you have a legacy code base and wonder if there could be a way to efficiently test it without having to do even a slight refactoring?

Well, you are at the right place.

Why Raccoon ?

There can be a solution like WireMock for the above problem. But what if you want to customize the…

Hey, what’s up people! I will be taking you through some concepts of memory management in Android which I believe will help you to improve certain parts of your project, lets dive in

Memory management plays an important role in bagging good reviews from the vibrant userbase that Android has. This year (2021) you can expect the users from very low-end MediaTek processors with 1GB ram to the FlagshipKillers that we have now. let’s move forward by keeping this in mind. …

Hey Folks, In this Blogs I will take you through the introductory concepts of Greedy Algorithm.

Let’s consider a real-life situation, There is this very intelligent guy named Ashel who knows to program, He is very rich and has an infinite supply of $20, $10 and $5… really, Yeah… he is that rich!

He has a friend named Joseph who needs some money, so Joseph plans to borrow $45 from Ashel. Ashel was brilliant and well-planned person, He decided to give $45 in minimum denominations.

If he was to just give money, he could have given in quite a several…


Hey Folks, In this blog I am explaining the concept of dependency injection in Android perspective, So the first question that I have is what is this “Dependency Injection”, Let’s see what Wikipedia definition of the same

In software engineering, dependency injection is a technique in which an object receives other objects that it depends on. These other objects are called dependencies. In the typical “using” relationship the receiving object is called a client and the passed (that is, “injected”) object is called a service. The code that passes the service to the client can be many kinds of things…

Once we have the data with two variables, one very important question is how the variables are related. For example, we could ask for the relationship between people’s weights and heights, or study time and test scores, or years experience and salary.

Regression is a set of techniques for estimating their relationships, and in this article, we’ll focus on finding one of the simplest type of relationship: “linear”. This process is unsurprisingly called linear regression, and it has many different applications. For example, take the case of sales:

  • To find the relationship between the advertising budget and sales.
  • To find…

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